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5 Items of Clothing to Save Your Money On

Save Money

Most men face a challenge when it comes to improving their style. That reason and the biggest challenge is a lack of funds. Money shouldn't hold you back from dressing incredibly well. You don't have to win the lottery, you can shop smarter.

1. The T-Shirt

T-shirts from UNIQLO

It really doesn't make sense to spend over $50 on a T-shirt just because of the logo or brand. Who has that kind of money to throw around? A logo doesn't make you stylish but you should invest in quality and versatility. With a T-shirt you can cut costs by going for basic and avoiding a brand. There are great T-shirts from UNIQLO.

2. Socks and Underwear

Cotton Mens Socks

There are many stocks that sell for over $50 a pair and that seems awfully high for a simple accessory that keeps your toes warm. Socks do come in to importance when it comes to dressing well but you do not need to overspend. Don't neglect the importance of socks and wear white athletic socks but make sure you keep it simpler and buy socks with merino wool and color.

In regards to underwear you do not need brand-name boxer shorts.

3. Shorts

Shorts also are an item that you do not need to spend a lot of money on. It depends on where you come from so if you come from a cooler climate you'll probably end up spending more money on jackets, overcoats shirts and jeans.

However if you constantly day to day wear shorts then you won't need to spend money on the jackets and overcoats.

4. Accessories

Mens Accessories

Accessories always add an individual touch to an outfit. They will enhance an outfit they don't make it. So you need a few accessories and a wardrobe so you can individualize your outfit.

A tie can be awfully expensive and sometimes even $150 but you can wear it over and over again. There are also deals in which you can buy three ties, three pocket squares, a tie clip and a scarf all for $150.

Make sure you focus on quality because accessories are an area that your money is well spent.

When looking for affordable men’s clothing and accessories consider checking eBay. The online marketplace features a great selection of products, plus you can get an extra discount with voucher code applied at your order.

5. Loungewear

Mens Loungewear

Why would you spend a lot of money on what you sleep in? You do not need to invest in loungewear, as it is not worth the money.

Loungewear should be comfortable and minimal and doesn't need the finest fur from Gucci. You can focus on making an impression outside of the house rather than inside.

Invest Wisely

Here are five items of clothing that you can save your money on. You can cut back costs and free up some money to spend on the investment pieces such as shoes, suits, outerwear and denim.

You can focus spending your money on items that you need and where often and are versatile.

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