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The Top 10 Men's Suit Brands Under £500

#1 Arket

Arket mens suit

This new label, created by the bigwigs ruling over COS and H&M, are still figuring out the brands angle. However, one fact is sure, Arket does know how to make a fine dark brown suit that is universally flattering.

#2 Hardy Amies

Hardy Amies mens suit

Utilizing fabrics like virgin wool, Hardy Amies is surprisingly affordable. The brand’s suits offer a tailored slim fit with subtle crosshatch patterns that every man is guaranteed to love.

#3 Ted Baker

Ted Baker mens suit

Ted Baker is known for making supreme linen suits perfect for tropical vacations. The breathable fabric flows with ease and comfortability.

#4 Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss mens suit

Hugo Boss manufactures a mean lightweight stretch cotton two piece suit. Not to mention, the brands suit styles are extremely versatile and can be worn to weddings, formal dinners, or even job interviews.

#5 COS

COSs luxury suits

One would be shocked at how inexpensive COS’s luxury suits are. With wool and cashmere blazers this brand screams lavish and extravagance for a quarter of the price tag.

#6 PS By Paul Smith

PS By Paul Smith

The Ps line by Paul Smith offers an affordable range of the typically expensive stylish suit line. Do not be afraid to choose one of their black suits, they are not strictly reserved for funerals.

#7 Reiss

Reiss mens suit

Reiss is one of the most affordable yet fashion forward suit brands on the market. This line is chock full of pinstriped and double breasted suits perfect for any occasion.

#8 Universal Works

Universal Works mens suit

While Universal Works may error toward the unconventional side of the suit world, it is perfect for the artistic businessman ready to make a statement. This British brand's loose and unstructured styles are the center of attention at every party.

#9 Charlie Casely - Hayford X Topman

Charlie Casely Hayford X Topman

This cool collaboration between Topman and Casely-Hayford is all the rage. The lines highlight is its double breasted ‘Weekend Suit’ that features stylish speckles and sports a relaxed fit.

#10 Oliver Spence

Oliver Spence suit for men

The Oliver Spence suit line’s construction quality is hard to beat. Plus, its timeless design truly makes this brand the list’s largest bargain as you will own a suit that will remain in style for years to come.