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Top Discount Passes for UK Heritage Attractions

If you pay as you go your cost per ticket in the UK for heritage and historic attractions can add up. A prepaid pass can offer free, unlimited entry to many landmarks and it's a great solution. You can save money and skip the lines at a busy site. Some of these also include extras like guidebooks and maps. Here are some of the best passes:

1. English Heritage Overseas Visitor Pass

Visitor Pass

This is a great discount pass for first time visitors to England. You can get free unlimited entry to more than 100 castles, battlefields and Roman ruins. The pass includes information about another 300 free sites and free admission to special events and a guidebook.

Why this is such a good first timer pass is that it is an edited selection of the best that the UK offers. You won't be overwhelmed by enormous choice but you also want to miss the best.

The terms of this pass are generous and they come in nine or 16-day versions and start counting from the first time you use it.

The savings are great, you only need to visit three places and make the pass pay for itself. Two adults traveling together can buy a special pass instead of each having to buy their own. Children under five go free.

2. Historic Scotland Explorer Pass

Historic Scotl and Explorer Pass

This pass covers 77 attractions, castles, abbeys, museums and ancient sites. It sold for a set number of days within a longer period so there is no pressure to get from one place to another to make it pay.

You can buy it for three days within a five-day period or seven days within 14 days, which allows you time to visit Scotland's landscapes, coasts and mountains, even a bit of fishing and golf.

It is valid for a year from the date of purchase, with the time period beginning the first day you use it.

It is sold in adult, child 5 to 15, Senior, student and family versions. The family pass is generous and covers two adults and up to six kids. You can also use it as a holiday gift for a traveling friend.

3. The National Trust Touring Pass

The National Trust Touring Pass

This is a prepaid pass which gives you free entry to all the National Trusts protected properties which include 300 buildings and gardens and 600,000 acres of countryside in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and more than 600 miles of coastline.

You can buy it for seven or 14 days for one adult, two adults traveling together or a family. It is an exceptional value for money and price and supports a nonprofit charity.

4. The Scottish Heritage Pass

Edinburg Castle

You can buy year-round but use it April to October. It includes 120 sites that are some of Scotland's most important heritage sites, castles, distilleries, palaces, stately homes and Gardens. Included are Edinburg Castle, Glasco Cathedral and the tragic Culloden battlefield.

The pass can be used for seven consecutive days and you'll save 25% over normal entry price. It's a combination of historic Scotland, and distilleries and offers a variety of attractions.

5. The National Trust for Scotland Discover Ticket

Scotland grotto

Buy this one for three, seven or 14 days and you will gain access to 100 sites drenched in history. The passes available for adults who are 17 or older or families of two adults and up to four children under 17.

Is it well-priced deal with a good variety of indoor and outdoor sites to visit.

Included on the list are Robert Burns birthplace and the Glencoe Visitor Center. This is the side of the terrible 17th-century betrayal and massacre and is one of the most dramatic landscapes you can visit and all of Scotland. If the weather is good you can visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6. The York Pass

The York Pass is one of the better city passes as your work is a small walled city and compact enough for visitors to get their money's worth without too much rushing around. It is a Roman biking medieval city with plenty to see and includes one of the official seven wonders of the UK. The pass is available in one, two and three day versions for families large and small.

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